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Making a Difference Is the Best Reward

Hard work, dedication and putting people first pays off with the best reward of all—the affirmation that we are making a difference in the world of staffing and recruiting and in the lives of others. It’s good for everyone involved and it’s good for business, too. When we asked, listen to what people had to say…

Our internal HR team brought me two candidates and All About People brought two as well, we ended up hiring both of the All About People candidates and they still work here.

Instead of throwing a couple of okay or unqualified people my way like most other staffing firms will do, All About People is honest and tells me we aren’t finding the quality we expect, but will continue the search in a relentless fashion.

We had contracts with a few vendors. We noticed we were receiving better quality associates, great communication and faster results with All About People.

I don’t really like staffing companies, I feel like they are always pestering me, but the people here have a different way about them.

All About People is the first call I make even when I don’t yet have a real job description, just a need. They just get it.

They ask questions, the right questions, to help me with the right job description.

Everyone at All About People gives their personal touch and I can get what I need no matter which recruiter I’m partnered with at the time.

I am able to be very honest with them about our needs because they are very honest to me.

If, and this is rare, there is an issue with an employee I don’t have to worry about if they will take care of it, they always offer to.

They are hands on and have a personal touch.

One phone call and the next day they have some qualified options for me.

They take that step beyond to get to know their clients.

They have yet to send us someone who couldn’t fit the bill.

They quickly address any issues with temp employees that may come up. Then they have a game plan for us. With All About People we have options.

They are such experts they can fill in the blanks on job descriptions that we may have missed. Then they run it back by us to ensure it’s on target.

Professional, detail oriented and proactive is how I would describe All About People.

They bring diverse candidates to me, all completely capable.

I feel like I have an open line of communication with who I need to in order to get the results I need.

Any company, in general, should use All About People. It’s a no brainer.

They are more about being my partner than a staffing firm.

Very professional, amazing follow-up and the people love their jobs, I can tell.

just over 330 people. That’s how much I use them.

I always get some sort of answer or feedback.


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